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One Month Hire

$65 plus GST

One Night Hire

$50 plus GST

Ruby Faux Presents

Set of eight gold faux presents wrapped with show – stopping sophisticated Ruby velvet bows will compliment any Christmas tree.


Features Include:

  • Length 42cm x Width 33cm x Height 16cm
  • Length 40cm x Width 31cm x Height 15cm
  • Length 38cm x Width 29cm x Height 14cm
  • Length 36cm x Width 28cm x Height 13cm
  • Length 34cm x width 26cm x Height 12cm
  • Length 32cm x Width 24cm x Height 11cm
  • Length 30cm x Width 22cm x Height 10cm
  • Length 28cm x Width 21cm x Height 9cm

Ruby Faux Presents

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